I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, where the majority of my family currently resides. Having grown up on the coast, where traditional dishes are predominantly oceanic, has largely contributed to my current affinity for seafood. Peruvian ceviche, being my all-time favorite food, can be found at select restaurants in the U.S., although none are comparable to the ceviche found at small “cevicherias” hidden and scattered around Lima. Although Lima is beautiful in itself and arguably the most modern (and wealthiest) city in Peru, my favorite places to visit are Cuzco (home to Machu Picchu) in the Andes, and cities in the Amazon like Iquitos. There is nothing like the scenic and peaceful mountain ranges and the unique wildlife of the Peruvian jungles. It is without a doubt that despite having embraced my new life in the states, Peru will always be my home.

Cuzco, Peru

I am a natural born explorer. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to go on adventures, and discover new and fascinating things about the world. No matter what situation I find myself in, I am compelled to understand things around me to the deepest extent possible; what is it? how does work? why does it behave in this way?

Agnes Scott College, 2020

Part of my curiosity and passion for exploration is reflected in my love for travel. I truly believe that there is no better way of understanding the world than by seeing it yourself. It is refreshing to enter a new environment and experience life through an entirely different lens. Meeting new people and learning about new cultures has allowed me to expand both the way I see the world around me and the way I see myself.

Edinburg, Scotland, 2019