My StrengthsQuest themes consist of Input, WOO, Learner, Communication, and Activator. Although all five of these accurately represent me as a person, I resonate predominantly with Input, WOO, and Learner. “Learner” being the one I mostly want people to associate me with. Learners are those who not only love to learn but are drawn to the process of learning. Like I mentioned previously, the curiosity that has lived in me since birth has made me a passionate learner. My love for learning yielded a strong desire for wanting to acquire knowledge and in turn become wise. Those who are part of this theme, in addition to being drawn to this learning process, understand how they learn best. Acknowledging this, then results in their ability to learn quickly and effectively, allowing them to be a significant contributor to their groups/teams. This specific characteristic makes up a large part of who I am and is responsible for making my academic journey not only easier but much more enjoyable. Being a member of this theme speaks largely about the kind of person I am. Therefore, is important for others to become aware of my passion for learning in order to understand me holistically.