"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why." - Bernard Baruch

About My Portfolio

The goal of my portfolio is to demonstrate the skills I’ve acquired as an undergraduate student at Agnes Scott College through a selection of completed works, academic achievements, and experiences. At the same time, these artifacts are meant to reflect my disciplinary and research interests as well as the goals I have for my professional future.

On this site, you’ll find a collection of my undergraduate research papers; argumentative essays; data science, mathematical modeling, and AI/ML projects/reports; as well as logical and mathematical proofs. You’ll notice my love for problem solving in my various attempts to use computation and technology to answer a number of perplexing scientific questions. You’ll witness my inquisitive and abstract way of thinking in my analysis and argumentation of numerous philosophical and mathematical concepts. And, you’ll see my passion for social justice as I address and challenge several pressing ethical matters in modern science, technology, and society at large. 

The diversity within these works shows that my college’s unique approach to the liberal arts through its SUMMIT program has been an essential part of my education. It proves that SUMMIT has added great diversity, leadership, and global awareness into my academic life, and not only contributed to, but prepared me for a professional life after college. Being able to reflect on, and showcase my unique educational journey has put all of this into perspective for both myself and hopefully for those of you who see this. 

Seeing before me, a collection of my hard work and growth as a mathematician, writer, and intellectual, has been immeasurably rewarding. It is without question that my transformative undergraduate experience at Agnes Scott has prepared me to thrive in the next phase of my academic and professional journey and succeed in pursuing my ultimate life goal𑁋 to use my quantitative skills to unearth the world’s truths; solve problems; and engage the intellectual and social challenges of my time.


  1. Oscar

    Hi! Congratulations… bueno, bueno, bueno!

  2. Olivia

    Thank you for making this website accessible!

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