As a junior, I decided to spend my fall semester (2019) studying abroad in Liverpool, England. I attended Liverpool Hope University, where I was given the opportunity to strengthen and broaden my knowledge and skills in mathematics (or “maths” as they say in England) and computer science. Particularly, I took courses in Multivariable Calculus, Group Theory, Chaos Theory, Programming in C/C++, and Intro to Artificial Intelligence. I developed strong relationships with my professors and fellow classmates, which helped make the transition into a foreign learning environment much easier. Moreover, I became very drawn to the research of my Multivariable Calculus and Chaos Theory professor Dr. Andrew Foulkes, which involves the application of nonlinear dynamical systems to aid in the understanding of irregular heart rhythms. Amazed by his work on this seemingly impossible application of mathematics, I became all the more excited to learn about the field of biostatistics and the myriad ways I could use my quantitative skills to contribute to public health and medical research.

Liverpool Hope University 2019